In today’s world, teens face many difficult choices and stressful life situations.  Many teens make bad choices based on their hurt, anger, guilt, and the idea that they don’t deserve anything better. This program is designed to help teens learn who they are as valuable and unique people…grasping that is the first step towards growth, maturity and emotional health. Each class is facilitated by a male and female. We provide a safe environment for each teen to open up and learn tools  in hopes for healthier future. This program is NOT a quick fix. The path to being a healthy and whole individual does not happen overnight and we understand that. We are here to help them believe in themselves and the power they have over who they become.




  • Classes are 22 weeks long
  • Each class is 2 hours long on Sundays. Time TBD.
  • A student may only miss 2 classes. The fee is doubled if they miss a class. Each student will be responsible for arriving 45 minutes early to do a makeup class the week after they have missed. Fees are doubled regardless if teen shows up for the makeup.
  • Classes are ages 13-17
  • The cost is $40 per class
  • Intake fee is $60
  • Change: SYou can enroll your teen without being through Phase 1

Some topics covered:

• Power of the subconscious
• Violence
• Abuse
• Anger
• Handling Anger
• Causes of Anger
• Effects of Anger
• Self Esteem
• The Importance of YOU
• Arrested Development
• How to recognize and have a healthy relationship
• Healthy Families

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