Life Skills San Diego

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Who we are

Life Skills is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization dedicated to teaching skills to help uncover the root causes of behavior patterns in our lives.

No matter what your age, whether your married or single, we all have patterns in our lives that effect our relationships in negative ways.

Program Details

Our Phase 1 meets once a week for 3 hours. When signing up you are commiting to 32 weeks. You may only miss 3 classes in order to stay enrolled and to graduate. Each student is required to pay a weekly fee based on household income.See the Class Fee page for more details.

Classes are held at various locations and days of the week throughout San Diego county. Please see the below for upcoming classes.

Do you need Life Skills?

Over 90%  relationship problems are rooted in childhood experiences.  How are your relationships? Do you like yourself? Are you drawn to the same kind of person again and again? Want a better quality of life? Are your current choices working for you? See our FAQ page for questions to determine if you need Life Skills.

How does Life Skills work?

Life Skills works by restarting the maturing process.

In closed, gender separate classes, each person has the ability to express him or herself in a safe, supportive environment where they learn to apply the skills that are taught. In many cases, a lack of progress is not because of a lack of effort – the effort has usually been extreme. The lack of progress is because of inadequate tools or skills.

Our goal

At Life Skills San Diego, we teach biblically based principles that focus on building character and maturity. Our goal is to help each individual develop basic character traits that will increase their capacity to function in all their relationships and to offer hope of reconciliation whenever possible.

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Watch a short video from the founder explaining how Life Skills can help you!

 Please see FAQ page before signing up!

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If you have read the FAQ page, and understand the commitment and fee structure. If you would like to sign up please come to our sign up Saturdays at 10:00am. See sign up page for details.